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Graded Readers

Graded readers (or texts) have been produced in nine African languages. They are designed to use a carefully structured phonics-based approach to systematically improve Foundation Phase learners’ reading fluency and comprehension skills:

  • Readers aimed at Grade 1 and Grade 2 learners: Focus primarily on building decoding skills.
  • Readers aimed at Grade 3 learners: Further develop learners’ vocabulary and comprehension skills. Sight words (including high-frequency words and “hard-to-read” words) are also highlighted to facilitate fluency.

Ulwazi Lwethu graded readers are themed, decodable and levelled:

  • Themes: Informed by the CAPS Life Skills Curriculum thus ensuring a wide range of topics suitable for Foundation Phase learners and aligned with their curriculum.
  • Decodable: Decodable text mainly includes words that children have learned to sound out or decode independently.
  • Levelled texts: Books or stories with increasing levels of difficulty. The Ulwazi Lwethu readers are designed to provide students with reading materials that range from very simple to gradually more complex and challenging.
Graded Readers
Levels Description Recommended for Grades
Early Emergent R
Level 1 Emergent 1
Level 2 Developing 1, 2
Level 3 Early fluent 2, 3
Level 4 Fluent 3
Level 5 Independent 3

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