Ulwazi Lwethu readers have been made available as Anthologies – a series of selected books made available for printing as single volumes. Anthologies solve the cost challenge of printing individual books and help mitigate storage problems associated with having numerous readers in large and often crowded classrooms.

The main purpose of Anthologies is to provide Foundation Phase learners with structured decoding and reading practice during Group Guided Reading. They are also a valuable resource for paired and, very importantly, independent reading. Graded reading Anthologies are an effective assessment tool, enabling teachers to evaluate and map the individual reading competence and progress of each learner.

Interesting storybooks encourage children to read more, enabling them to be comfortable in reading practice. They also encourage children to read more widely, choosing topics that appeal to them. The storybooks are also aligned to the Life Skills curriculum, so can be used by teachers as to engage and expand on different aspects of that curriculum.

The Storybooks Anthologies (fiction and non-fiction) bring together the Storybooks in the different series developed during the project, such as STEM Stars, Special Days and Modern Fairy tales. Each Anthology includes guidance for educators around how to engage learners on the storybooks and become more creative and confident in using them The Anthologies are available in all the official African languages.


Classroom Library

Classroom Libraries are curated fiction and non-fiction storybooks for use by classroom teachers to provide reading opportunities for their learners in Grade 1 – 3.

Each Classroom Library contains a selection of:

  • Graded Readers
  • Storybooks

Classroom Libraries also include posters and charts to support the teacher to manage the process.

Classroom Library
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